Andria Mitsakos | Villa Marie Saint-Barth
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Villa Marie Saint-Barth

Gustavia – Saint Barth

Nestled in a chic, tropical setting that effortlessly creates a backdrop for traveler’s snaps and stories, Maison et Hôtels Sibuet Group’s Hotel Villa Marie Saint-Barth is exclusive by nature, set high on a hill above Colombier on St. Barthélemy overlooking Flamands Beach. Reopening on March 2nd, the boutique hotel is recognized for its emblematic colonial spirit subtly depicted in each of its 18 vibrant bungalows and villas that elegantly differ from each other, the original and renowned François Plantation restaurant, spa, pool and that overall French art de vivre while merging the feeling of wanderlust and island life. At the helm is French interior designer and the group’s matriarch Jocelyne Sibuet whose travels and inspiration for history serve as the blueprint for this stylish hotel. Reopens March 2, 2018.

I’ve followed Mme. Sibuet’s work for many years, and have stayed in her hotels both in the South of France and the French Alps as a guest, so taking on this property was so natural for me. It’s like promoting my own home. The entire aura at Villa Marie is consummate French Caribbean with subtle global influences designed for the traveler looking for a bit off the jet-set path.  - Andria Mitsakos