From targeted publicity campaigns and savvy social media, to a quiet word that kick-starts your word-of-mouth campaign, AMPR showcases brands to best effect. Multilingual and multicultural, we consult on marketing strategies internationally. Headquartered in New York, with a massive global reach, we specialize in travel and luxury lifestyle, connecting clients worldwide with their ultimate customers and tastemakers.

AMPR will recognize your product’s potential and showcase it with style

We know whom to approach – when and how. Why write a great pitch that’s filtered as spam or discarded because it’s six months behind editorial calendars?.

We blend your dreams and practical considerations into a custom-tailored communications strategy:

one that gets you noticed, from blogs to billboards and international broadcasts. And you’ll see the personal flourishes of our namesake President at every turn, whether you’re in San Juan, Shanghai or Stockholm.





Andria Mitsakos traces her roots to some of history’s most adventurous, hospitable people – the Greeks. She now carries that passion and curiosity worldwide, consulting clients with publicity, design, marketing and communications. As President & CEO of AMPR, she’s on the road year-round, helping tastemakers connect with her clients. With contacts worldwide, she’s not only savvy to the latest trends, she helps define them.


After launching a series of PR consultancies in the mid 1990s, Andria launched AMPR in 2003, and, today, the thriving boutique firm reflects her connections, passion and prescience. She excels at meshing clients and contacts to everyone’s benefit, and directly interacts with all accounts. That’s because every aspect remains important to the leader of this dynamic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural agency.


Her international connections run deep. Both the arts and philanthropy inspire her travels and design. From singling out emerging fashion designers in Greece, to helping women in remote villages in Cambodia learn how to sew, Andria forges friendships that reveal every culture’s best-kept secrets. Her warmth attracts new confidants, while her little black book connects her to old friends in the media, travel and fashion industries. She lives between New York City, which keeps her close to the media, Miami as the gateway to Latin America and Athens, keeping her grounded within her heritage.


AMPR’s synergistic team is multilingual and multicultural, blending creativity with an efficient work ethic that returns clients’ investments quickly. Its leadership team includes vice president Erika Vives, senior vice president Nadeige Martelly, senior director Rebie Bautista, director of special projects Christianna Belba, photographer Peter Wesley Brown, as well as dedicated account management staff, and founder, president & CEO Andria Mitsakos. With professionals on nearly every continent, AMPR can be found wherever trends originate.


From a Parisian parfumeur to a Fijian chef and an expert on literacy in the Caribbean, AMPR’s clients illuminate coverage. Our team connects the media with the best interview sources, quickly. Each member is also a veteran brainstormer for story concepts still in the development phase. Fast. Innovative. Authoritative. AMPR connects journalists with the expert sources the coverage requires.


Stuck for concepts to cover? Scraping around for that tenth round-up subject? Our media-savvy team keeps you abreast of the latest trends…and also those 6-to-18 months down the pipeline. We have ideas to suit every editorial calendar.


AMPR provides royalty-free images to bloggers and members of the media. We offer high-quality art, from architectural sketches to photographs of bohemian outposts and sublime sunsets. Our photography partner is genius, Peter Wesley Brown.

We’re excited to share the dynamic images from our library. Please alert us to your publications. Not only will we inform our clients, but we will post the good news on Wanderlogue and broadcast it via social media, sharing the link-love.


AMPR sets the stage in markets across the globe. With offices in New York, Miami, London and Athens, our sister teams take care of you in Europe and Asia, enabling us to be close to your international clientele, media trendsetters and tastemakers.


A luncheon in London? A benefit in Buenos Aires? A story in Shanghai?


AMPR makes it all happen – with its signature blend of style and substance.

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