October 31, 2023 Nadeige Martelly

AMPR Expands Its Portfolio With The Addition Of Lucibello To Its Client Roster​

At Lucibello, the focus is on exceeding the expectations of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) with unparalleled bespoke travel and lifestyle experiences. Lucibello thrives under the visionary leadership of Karl Nilsson, the company’s founder whose goal is to enlighten and enrich his clients throughout their journeys. His distinctive philosophy on personalized travel shapes the company’s ethos, ensuring that every client’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary. With a passion for detail and a penchant for exclusivity, he guides Lucibello to new heights with access that most luxury travel planning companies simply do not have access to, all over the world. Each journey is a masterpiece of precision, crafted with Karl’s prescience, and executed flawlessly by his global team.

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