We offer advisory, project work and ongoing campaigns in the following categories:

Media Relations

PR 101 / What Works in Today’s New Environment
The media world has changed; we help you navigate it.
    • How to communicate to media with respect to timing, content and deadlines
    • Differentiate between the need for hard news vs creative storytelling
    • Position your company as a go-to resource for media within your industry

Digital Marketing + Social Media + CRM

It’s Not Just About the Post
Your digital footprint and social image help you gain respect in a highly competitive environment. Content is king.
    • Utilize social media as a powerful branding and communications tool
    • Develop and execute an integrated content and marketing communications program across all consumer-facing platforms

Brand Strategy

Reset Your Communications
In today’s highly competitive arena, it is imperative to own a sustainable and measurable customer-centric brand strategy focused on maximizing competitive differentiation, amplification, and conversions by effectively communicating the unique brand values and creating deep connections with the target audience through impactful storytelling. We will work with your team to develop a solid brand strategy.
    • Define the five brand pillars: Target Audience, Personality, Positioning, Promise, Storytelling

Re-Emergence + Re-Invention

How to Communicate Your Brand in a Very New World of Travel
Today’s traveler is now more than ever careful about choosing their destination, their hotel, and their experiences. Our President & CEO Andria Mitsakos lives by the mantra that, authenticity is the soul of hospitality. Does your marketing communications plan embrace this all-important ethos?
    • Ideation: Pivot your business model to acquire new revenue streams
    • Authentic Storytelling Experience Development: Create story angles relevant to the current media agenda and consumer preference

New Market Entry, Openings and Launches

The What, How, When and Whom of it All
The navigation of entering a new market is critical. You need local heroes as leaders and ambassadors to learn protocols and value the community around you. All of these are critical factors to achieve long-term success and reputation.
    • How to enter a new market based on today’s audience accounting for specific short and long term goals
    • Highlight USPs of your product that will appeal to the new market and position accordingly

Corporate Communications

Narrating Your Company’s Core Values Internally and Externally
Your company’s actions, including how you treat your employees, and even the plate on your restaurant table and where to buy it, prominently speaks about what you stand for and that affects who patronizes your establishment.
    • Define mission statement, key messaging and social responsibility programs to implement consistency across all communication
    • Determine company’s perception in the media and ultimately, with the consumer to reinforce or modify image

Crisis Management

Mitigate Damage Early and Keep Messaging Succinct
Travel PR is a lot like politics, optics is important. So when faced with a crisis, you need to be ahead of the game.
    • Develop a crisis management plan to have in place addressing worst-case scenarios
    • Implement a communications plan and internal talking points anticipating potential negative feedback and company response


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