October 26, 2023 Nadeige Martelly
Los Establos Boutique Resort, nestled in the lush landscapes of Panama’s captivating highlands with sweeping vistas of Volcán Barú, is thrilled to announce a sensational addition to its array of offerings – a state-of-the-art pickleball court. As the first luxury resort in the region to feature this rapidly growing sport, Los Establos invites guests to immerse themselves in the thrill of pickleball while surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of Boquete.


Pickleball enthusiasts and novices alike can now enjoy the exhilaration of this dynamic sport against a backdrop of pristine mountain vistas and lush tropical gardens. The newly constructed court, perched atop a hill, provide the perfect setting for a spirited match, whether played with friends, family, or fellow guests. With professional-grade facilities and a panoramic view of Volcán Barú, the property aims to become the premier destination for pickleball in Panama.


To further enhance the guest experience, Los Establos introduces “Tea Time in Paradise.” This unique offering showcases the rich heritage of Panama’s tea production, particularly from the picturesque town of Boquete, known for its fertile volcanic soil and ideal climate for tea cultivation, especially white, green, black and Oolong. Of course, there is also plenty of coffee to go around as well, given that the resort is home to one of the country’s oldest coffee plantations and processing mills. Built more than 100 years ago by the founder of Kotowa Coffee, this mill offers a divine history of farming and intriguing cultivation practices that will change the way you see, taste and appreciate your morning ‘cuppa’ joe.


Further, taking a break from the pickleball court, guests can indulge in one of the 13 tours included in every stay at the resort, from tea tasting and coffee plantation tours to hikes, waterfalls and much more.


Irina Barrett, owner of Los Establos, expressed her excitement about these new additions: “We are thrilled to introduce pickleball to our guests, offering a unique sporting experience that perfectly complements the natural beauty of Boquete and the stunning views of Volcán Barú. Our ‘Tea Time in Paradise’ further enhances the guest experience, allowing them to savor the essence of Panama through its exceptional teas. At Los Establos, we are committed to providing memorable experiences that celebrate the diverse culture and landscapes of this remarkable region.”


All-inclusive rates including 13 tours to choose from start at $499 per night including taxes, based on double occupancy. One excursion is included per day, with the exception of arrival and departure days. For more information and reservations on Los Establos, please visit the website and follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Set on a sprawling highland on one of Panama’s oldest operating coffee plantations spanning 16-acres with panoramic views of the country’s famed volcano, Volcan Baru, Los Establos is housed in a colonial-style villa, offering an authentic experience in the heart of Boquete. The property won the heart of Elite Island Resorts’ Irina Barrett, who purchased it in 2005, and sought to reinvent the location while retaining its natural beauty and historical significance. Today, local artwork and furnishings dot the 17 rooms and suites and common areas, while gastronomy favors a modern interpretation of Latin American cuisine with a focus on ingredients from surrounding farms and producers. Over the years, Irina continued to upgrade the property into the luxe hotel it has become today and added various amenities including the new oasis swimming pool, a spa, fitness center, pickleball court, premium suite additions and upgraded rooms.


A seemingly, never-ending colorful mosaic, the rich land offers activities for the casual to the most advanced adventurous traveler—with a stand-out service and unique selling point of 13 tours to choose from, all of which are included in a stay at the hotel. The concierge team easily arranges visits to these nearby attractions such as hiking, bird watching, zip lining, white water rafting, coffee immersion classes, a canyon tea tasting tour, and a trip to ancient cloud forests, where hidden waterfalls create ethereal mists, and flora and fauna converge in one of Panama’s most holistic natural experiences. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis where one rate includes accommodations, meals and beverages and a tour of choice each day.
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