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El Mangroove, Autograph Collection Welcomes Michelin-Starred Chefs for Costa Rica’s First-of-its-Kind Sustainable Gastronomic Congress

Key Takeaways from the Expert Roundtable


Left to right: Benito Gómez, Ramsés González, Randy Siles, Mitsutaka Kawata, and Israel Ramos. Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

El Mangroove, Autograph Collection—located within the Blue Zone of Costa Rica’s enchanting Nicoya Peninsula on the Gulf of Papagayo—recently hosted the inaugural editions of the Sustainable Gastronomic Congress Costa Rica 2023 on November 3rd and 4th. The forum was created by the hotels’ parent company and fellow sustainability pioneers, Enjoy Hotels. A first-of-its-kind in Costa Rica to feature Michelin-starred chefs, the symposium line-up of international speakers included:

  • Benito Gómez, chef and owner of the two Michelin-star restaurant Bardal in Ronda, Málaga;
  • Ramsés González, chef and owner of the Michelin-star restaurant CanCook in Zaragoza;
  • Randy Siles, culinary director of Enjoy Hotels, President of Les Toques Blanches in America, member of Disciples de Escoffier, and first Ambassador of the National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy;
  • Mitsutaka Kawata, chef and owner of Sun Taka in Barcelona;
  • Israel Ramos, chef and owner of the Michelin-star restaurant Mantúa in Cadiz, and
  • Carlos Coriano, vice president of marketing at Andria Mitsakos Public Relations, presenting on the topic “Generation Z: Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy.”

The two-day forum culminated in a Gala Dinner hosted by the chefs, featuring a 10-course menu with expertly paired wines and live violin music at El Mangroove’s Mediterranean restaurant, Malú.

Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.


Key takeaways from the speakers include:

Israel Ramos, Michelin-star restaurant Mantúa in Cadiz: “Focus on regional gastronomic identity, supporting local farmers and producers to maximize the benefits of a circular economy and return to our society what it has given us.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

Ramsés González, Michelin-star restaurant CanCook in Zaragoza: “We are committed to the environment by working with regional producers to highlight the value of the Aragonese product and the region’s culinary traditions. Our focus is on simplicity and maximum utilization of waste. Sustainability is not a trend; it is common sense and knowing how to translate it into profitability.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

Mitsutaka Kawata, Sun Taka in Barcelona: “Authentic Japanese cuisine embodies respect for nature and the sustainable utilization of natural resources.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

Benito Gómez, two Michelin-star restaurant Bardal in Ronda, Málaga: “Sustainability is all about common sense applied to processes and techniques. I don’t consider that I do haute cuisine. My strength is to work from the most absolute freedom through techniques using local, seasonal products, and showcasing the gastronomic tradition and memory of the region.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

Randy Siles, Culinary Director of Enjoy Hotels, President of Les Toques Blanches in America, and first Ambassador of the National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy: “More than social responsibility, my work and commitment to the well-being of humanity and the planet is centered on social advantage, transforming the lives of the young generation of cooks through sustainable and healthy gastronomy and advancing food sovereignty through various initiatives like the recently launched Enjoy Hotels Culinary Academy.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.


Carlos Coriano, vice president of marketing at Andria Mitsakos Public Relations: “Generation Z will shape the course of sustainable and healthy gastronomy by prioritizing gastronomy practices rooted in regional traditions and cultural identity, responsible and sustainable food sourcing, social advantage, and the well-being of the planet.”


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.


The Sustainable Gastronomic Congress Costa Rica 2023 at El Mangroove, Autograph Collection, was a resounding success and has reinforced Costa Rica’s position as global leader and pioneer in sustainability. Looking ahead, Enjoy Hotels is already gearing up for the next edition, which is scheduled to be held in 2024. Anticipation is building as the congress continues to evolve, promising even greater contributions to the realms of sustainable gastronomy and culinary innovation.


Photo Credit: Enjoy Hotels.

About Enjoy Group

Founded in 1973 by Rubén Pacheco Lutz, Enjoy Group, owner of El Mangroove, operates more than a dozen hotels, restaurants, destinations, and corporate services solidifying its position as a leading company in the tourism sector. The company is dedicated to transforming investment into experiential hospitality concepts that impact the quality of life. Family owned and operated, Enjoy Group continues to view each and every venture as an extension of the Pacheco family’s dedication to Costa Rica and their rich legacy in Central America and beyond.


About EL Mangroove, Autograph Collection

Nestled on 17 beachfront acres within the Blue Zone of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, El Mangroove, Autograph Collection, boasts 121 chic suites seamlessly blending contemporary design with the lush surroundings of preserved mangroves and native trees. Three signature restaurants—Makoko, Matiss, and Malú—showcase sustainable cuisine from Costa Rica to the Mediterranean. The hotel offers relaxation with Bearth Spa’s outdoor decks and five pools lined with cabanas, while adventure seekers can enjoy water sports through the hotel’s Azul Tour Desk. Just a 20-minute drive from Liberia International Airport, El Mangroove invites guests to experience Costa Rica’s natural beauty, combining relaxed luxury and sustainability.

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