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Athens: Hotel Grande Bretagne Celebrates 150 Years of “Always Grand” History and Style


Photo courtesy of Hotel Grande Bretagne


Grand History

Through interactive exhibits and thematic tours, the hotel chronicles its pivotal moments, offering a brief, captivating exploration of Greece’s recent history. The Grande Bretagne hosted events for both of Athens’ modern Olympics (1896 and 2004), is where Winston Churchill stayed in 1944, and Maria Callas resided while performing Norma in 1960, and was the site of key meetings when Greece entered the European Union, to name but a few highlights.



Grand Art & Design

The hotel is so full of art and antiques that guests are offered a “museum tour” of the property weekly on Thursdays. And you can take some of the GB’s timeless style with you; collaborating with prestigious brands celebrated for their refined aesthetics, the hotel crafts exclusive collectibles inspired by its unique influence on memory and the passage of time.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Grande Bretagne


Grand Experiences

Guests can see most of Athens’ landmarks from the GB’s balconies, rooftop, and pool—including the changing of the guards at Parliament, the Parthenon atop the Acropolis, and St George chapel on Mt. Lycabettus. But the hotel encourages visitors to get out into the city. To that end, the Grande Bretagne’s experienced associates guide guests through a collection of special moments, turning them into cherished habits and one-of-a-kind memories.


Grand Taste

Leading guests on an inspiring culinary voyage to Greece and beyond, the Hotel’s gastronomic offerings aren’t just meals but experiences. Guests can indulge at the Winter Garden, Pool Bar & Grill, Alexander’s Lounge, Bar 8, and, after an extensive renovation ending April 5th, at the legendary GB Roof Garden Restaurant under the light of the moon, and in view of the Acropolis.




A series of specially crafted guided open tours of the Athenian city center will be held this year, as part of the 150 Years anniversary celebrations. These immersive experiences are led by the journalist and expert on the Athenian environment Nikos Vatopoulos, whose profound knowledge and passion for this city’s heritage adds a layer of depth to this unique exploration. The focal point of these enlightening excursions will be Grande Bretagne, whose historical path through years is interlinked with Athens’ evolution.



150 years of history are explored and celebrated through an impressive Documentary due to premiere on April 9th, a date of profound historical significance for Grande Bretagne, as it commemorates the pivotal agreement established between Mr. Lampsas and Mr. Savvas Kentros in 1875, which launched the hotel on its operational journey.



Editor in chief, Narrator: Pavlos Tsimas

Producer: Ioanna Davi

Script: Natasa Segkou

Director: Thodoris Papadoulakis

Music: Minos Matsas

Production: Indigo View



Renowned historian Angelos F. Vlachos skillfully chronicles the Grand Bretagne’s history as one of Athens’ most significant landmarks in an exciting new book by Corfu Publications. Delving into the captivating narrative of this iconic establishment, the history book meticulously unfolds the last two decades of the hotel’s recent history, tracing its trajectory from its last major renovation in 2014, to the present day.

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