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AMPR Adds Moskito Island to Its Client Roster

AMPR Global’s footprint has expanded with Moskito Island appointing the firm as its agency of record for public relations internationally.

In the verdant embrace of the British Virgin Islands, Moskito Island represents a shift in the realm of luxury travel. Conceived by a group of visionary owners, the island integrates the intimacy of private villas with the sophisticated offerings of luxury resorts, crafting an unmatched getaway, perfect for group travel.

The island hosts four estates—The Point, The Village, The Oasis, and Cape Stout—each tailored to specific desires: family reunions, festive celebrations, tranquil havens, and dynamic adventures. These design-forward properties provide a diverse palette of experiences, from familial bonding and gourmet assemblies to serene respites and thrilling escapades. Featuring expansive suites, bespoke service, and a rich array of activities set against a panorama of breathtaking ocean vistas and lush landscapes, Moskito Island transcends mere vacationing—it embodies the zenith of exclusive communal living.

Each of the four ultra-luxury estates on Moskito Island functions as a substantial, design-centric home, accommodating around 20 guests in meticulously appointed suites and secluded cottages. While each estate bears its distinctive charm—The Point for family enjoyment, The Village for grand celebrations, The Oasis for rejuvenation, and Cape Stout for adventure—they all share lush botanical gardens and striking views of the Caribbean Sea. Comprehensive amenities include expansive dining pavilions, assorted bars, fitness centers, media rooms, and dedicated teams providing impeccable service with an effortless flair.

Beyond their material luxuries, these estates embody the personal sanctuaries of their owners, who spend several weeks annually enjoying their island retreats. This intimate connection infuses each home with exquisite furnishings, unique décor, and a spirit reflective of its proprietor. Collectively, these owners have forged a small, tight-knit community, sharing access to pristine beaches, tennis courts, a central pavilion, and a water sports center, yet the island’s ample dimensions ensure privacy remains paramount.

A typical sojourn on Moskito Island might involve a group of 20—often spanning multiple generations or a circle of longstanding friends—delighting in a five-day stay curated to balance relaxation and activity. Ease is the order of the day with three beaches, numerous swimming pools, whirlpools, hot tubs, in-room spa services, and leisurely dinners under the stars. For the more spirited, a plethora of water sports awaits, from paddleboarding and snorkeling to more cutting-edge pursuits like wing foiling and hydrofoiling.

The privacy and spaciousness afforded by these estates ensure all guests feel at liberty to indulge and unwind before retreating to their expansive private quarters to rejuvenate for another day of island exploration. Currently available for hire are The Oasis, The Point, and The Village, with Cape Stout poised to join this prestigious collection in 2024.

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